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You Have A Powerful Message
That Change Lives…
And there are people waiting 
to learn from you!
We’re going to turn your big why into a stand out message,
create your signature system, your talk, and an online product
that will make a create a surge of credibility, clients and cash.
being seen and valued because of WHO you are, your unique skills, talents and experience, so that the perfect clients rush to you
taking a stand for what matters and making a big impact, all while honoring your lifestyle, your energy, your truth
inspiring people and changing lives with your unique and powerful message that drips with confidence, passion, and purpose
Meet Patti Keating... she is the "be real" marketing gal who has grown her business from $750 a month to over a million dollars by dropping the scripts, throwing out the canned marketing formulas, and simply speaking from the heart. She is the business mindset mentor for a new wave of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creator of Be Real Marketing and founder of The Entrepreneur Unleashed.
Her programs provide a fresh and fun approach to designing an outrageously amazing life and business, making a big impact in the world, all while simply BEING you.

Now she's showing you why your message matters and how to grow your online audience and create a profit plan to monetize your message.

You’ll package your purpose and expertise into a Be Real Brand that will make a big impact, fulfill your purpose and grow your revenue.
Over $10,000 in Courses & Training!
The Be Real Boot Camp
For Clients, Credibility, And Cash ($2,000.00)
Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Patti for Guidance & Support 

Private Facebook Group support with Patti for The Entrepreneur Unleashed clients only

Instant access to every product in The Entrepreneur Unleashed Membership site
Over $5,000 in bonuses

Total Program Value Is $10,482
Just $137/month
Client attraction doesn't come from a blend in message, it comes from a "be real" message that stands out and is unmistakably YOU. And because you are using the be real blueprint your message will serve in a life changing way while generating big results and rapid revenue at the same time.

You'll easily uncover your specific personality style, your natural strengths and unique value in this eye-opening module. We will design your key messaging, from your business brand to your program titles and your talk. You will shine online and off as you inspire your audience with your "be real" message.

Because your unique personality, purpose and value is one of a kind, your message will shine and your business will thrive with ideal clients who resonate with who you are.

  •  The "Be Real" Blueprint
  •  Leverage Your Value Template
  •  Enneagram Personality Profiler
  •  Your Life Purpose Identifier
Now that you’ve got your personality, value and purpose bundled into a stand out message you'll dive into the mindset of success. Learn simple tools to up level your beliefs and design your future and have the courage and capacity to attract droves of clients who are excited to work with you.

This session shows you how to design your environments to support your growth and how to create new patterns to catapult your beliefs into the mindset of a millionaire.

Learn EXACTLY what to do to shift your energy and up level your beliefs so that you can manifest the business of your dreams. Uncover the old patterns that are keeping you stuck at your current level, then design new patterns and upgrade your environments to propel you forward to the visibility, clients and cash you want.

  • Pattern Language Planner
  •  Future Pattern Design Process
  •  The 9 Environments Of YOU
  •  Environmental Hack Template
Show the world what you stand for and how you can serve by shining boldly, simply being WHO YOU ARE. Before you jump out share your message you'll uncover your unique stand and create a hot brand that lets the world know who you are and how you can help them.

The key to a successful brand is catching the eye and ear of your audience, expressing your true value and creating a memorable experience that is uniquely you.

Now that you have your Money Spot Blueprint you are ready to create your Be Real Brand for all of your messaging, from your blogs, Facebook posts and emails, to your talks and videos. You'll be crystal clear about how you can easily connect with and engage your audience and how to use your brand consistently to build trust, visibility and credibility.

  • Be Real Brand Blueprint
  •  Brand Identity
  •  Brand Promise
  •  Brand Personality
  •  Bran Standards
Create a tribe of raving fans with social media, email and video. You'll choose your social media platforms, create a consistent content system from topic, to timing, to delivery, this module will help you constantly be seen and found online.

You'll learn how to create and grow an engaged tribe on your platform, which is the main stage for you to speak about your content, provide value and promote your programs. We'll take you through each step of the process so that it aligns perfectly with your brand and message.

  • Platform Building Template
  •  Topic Timeline Template
  •  Online Content Calendar
  •  Canva Crash Course
  •  Content Scheduler Fast Facts
Discover the 8 components of a presentation that sells. You'll easily design each component from your opening, to your wow factor, to your aha teachings, to your offer and close. Inspire and excite your audience to further their learnings with you.

Learn the art of sharing your story in a way that creates trust, connection, and clients. With the 8 components of a presentation that sells you can drop the notes and confidently deliver a memorable and money making talk.

  • The Magic Message 1 Sheet Template
  •  The Art Of Telling Your Story Template
  •  8 Components Of A Presentation That Sells Template
Turn your expertise into a stand out system that you are known for. This process helps you discover and communicate the gold that is uniquely YOU.

You'll map out the unique process you take your clients through and turn it into your branded signature system, the foundation of your business. Your signature system will become the main points of your talk, the teachings of your program and the core content you deliver to your audience both online and off.

  • Six-Figure Signature System Template
  •  Six-Figure Signature System Product Creator
  •  Six-Figure Signature System Talk Topics
  •  Six-Figure Signature System Content Creator
Discover the proven profit plan for your chosen business model, whether it be 1-1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, masterminds or membership sites. We'll design the model that works for you and your personality, your strengths, and your value.

You'll create your revenue stream models from opt in to offer, to delivery and you'll learn how to track and measure their profitability, so you can constantly have a pipeline of leads, clients and cash.

  • The Client Enrollment Kit
  •  Client Program Templates
  •  The Magic Of Metrics
  •  The $100K Sales Funnel Formula
Now that you’ve got your "be real" brand, unique signature system, talk and funnel complete, you’ll dive into promoting your programs. Discover simple ways to find your audience, engage with them, bring them into your funnel, create a strong connection with you, and have them excited to work with you long term, showing up for everything you offer and singing you praises.

This module shows you how to engage with you audience in multiple ways when promoting your programs, from Facebook live to webinars, to live talks and more, you'll master the key to making big money.

  •  Promotion Prep Sequence
  •  Engagement Email Sequence
  •  Follow Up Email Sequence Template
  •  Facebook Live Template
  •  Weekly Email Check In Template
Join me in the 
Be Real
Boot Camp Program…

participate FULLY in the online program modules. 
Attend the coaching calls and implement the systems and processes I teach… and I promise you will unleash a new level of success in your business.
So Let's Unleash Your Real Biz!
$997 or 
10 payments of $137
The Online Biz Club is a quick start for you if your are just starting out in your business, or you are ready to create leverage and move from 1-1 coaching and service delivery to 1-many.
It’s the foundation for your business and ideal if you to want to prepare for one of Patti’s advanced coaching programs.This club is the perfect starting place you need, if you want to take a stand, get highly visible, create your products & programs, unleash your purpose and profit big!
Apply this step by step system to create your six-figure product or program to sell both online and off.
This program shows you how to create your system, turn it into a program, deliver it virtually and use it as a signature talk so you can profit big.

Create Your BIG VISION Business Strategy And Chunk It Into Tangible Action Steps To Design Your IDEAL Business And Life.
Create Your MARKETING STRATEGY To Build Your Multi 6-figure Business.

Create Your LIFE STRATEGY To Live Fully And Love Every Minute.

Create Your Ideal Scene For Success
Design Your Environments
Set Your SMART Goals
Design Your Prosperity Plan

Create Your 90 Day Action Plans
Set Your Monthly Goal Plans
Design Your Monthly Action Plan
Develop Your Daily Productivity Plan

Get Speaking Gigs To Get Clients
Create Your Talk For Success
Blog Brainstorming Session
Find Joint Venture Partners
This power packed program will help you understand EXACTLY what to do to make the changes you need to make so you can generate the money you want.
Let’s face it if you knew HOW to make the money you want… you would do it.

The problem isn’t that you don't know HOW to make money, it’s that you are not yet BEING the person to make that money you want.

The change you need is in you. When you align with your true purpose… your passion and you start helping more people using your unique strengths… all you inner stuff comes up.

This training will give you all the answers you have wanted but didn’t know where to find about transforming into the person you need to be… to create the business you want to have.
  • Discover how to present to your audience with confidence and authority while making an offer for your program that is irresistible.
  •  Learn how to engage with your audience, so people want to learn more from you and seamlessly make an offer that your audience is writing for.
  •  Discover the CEO Method of enrollment and why it consistently works to convert 100% of the room.

  • Program Resources:
  • The 8 Components of A Presentation That Sells
  • The CEO Method Of Enrollment
Private Be Real Facebook Group for lifetime support and quick answers to your questions.
You'll be added to Patti’s private Unleashed Facebook community where you can ask Patti questions and get support whenever you need it. 

This is a great way to keep moving forward when you feel stuck. Move through challenges and celebrate your wins with a community that cares!
More Goodies for You!
2 Tickets to Unleashed Live
October 2017
The Message Lab Virtual Workshop
During this livestream, you will discover how to create powerful messaging that solves a problem in the market that your clients are hungry to pay for. You will learn how to take a stand for your value so your ideal clients can find you with “pull marketing” rather than pushy sales tactics.

Certainty sells and this livestream will assure you are clear and certain, so you can create connection and sign up new clients.

  •  Identify exactly what you need to do to quickly and easily align your services with a problem in the market that people are hungry to solve.
  •  Discover what your greatest strength is and learn how to determine your value in the market.
  • Learn 3 super easy ways to understand exactly “WHO” your ideal clients are, what they long for and how to effectively reach them so you are seen by as many prospective clients as possible.
  •  Master “pull” marketing by confidently stating the problem you solve and attracting clients to you, rather than chasing them.
2 LIVE Mentoring Calls
For Fine Tuning Your Content And Message
Got questions? Ready to fine tune your strategies? Want to hear from others who are creating credibility, clients and cash online?
This meeting is all about YOU! Ask questions, share your ideas get feedback and jump in the virtual hot seat for laser coaching.

This live zoom meeting will keep you on track and focused.
10 Clients In 30 Days Roadmap
  • Learn to confidently deliver Strategy Sessions and comfortably make your offer to enroll your ideal clients.
  • Discover how to stay with your prospect through their decision making process and confidently help them see the value in your services.
  • Set up your automated client enrollment funnel to filter out tire kickers looking for free services and qualify those prospects who are ready to say yes to you services.
  • Track your results and increase your conversion as you take massive action to fill your business with new clients. 
Client Enrollment Resources:
Strategy Sessions That Sell
Comfortable Conversations
The Be Real Boot Camp &
Bonus Bundle Total Value:
$997 or 
10 payments of $137
Whats Next?
Celebrate on your commitment to sharing your message! We’ll celebrate with you… as soon as you register in the Be Real Boot Camp, you’ll receive a welcome email. Your email will have a link to the program and the log info, as well as instructions on how to join the Be Real Facebook Group. You’ll be set to Monetize Your Message and we’ll be here to help you!
Join Patti in the Be Real Boot Camp Program… participate in the online program modules, attend each coaching session and show us how you have Implemented module in your business… and if you haven't made any progress, simply let me know and we'll process a full refund of your tuition…for up to 30 Days after you register!
Create your one of a kind message that inspires your ideal clients to work with you.
Build a platform with your unique message to create credibility, clients and cash.
Do the work you were meant to do, make the world a better place, and profit big.
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